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Great technology for age-old retail business problems

Improve OSA (On Shelf Availability) 6% – 10%
Improve your sales 2% – 5%
Ensure planogram compliance
Ensure prices, offers and POP materials are correctly deployed

Bad execution is a trillion dollar problem

Join us driving the biggest change in retail operations since the barcode

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Zippedi robot and platform

Our solution allows you to have detailed views of your products in the stores reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 in your team. Contact us now for a 14 days free trial.

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Make Data Driven Decisions

Digitize your shelves

Digitize the whole store in a few hours

Use our mobile app to manage the tasks across your teams and enhance collaboration between retailers and CPGs

Get real-time notifications about OOS and shelf execution problems

Create BI Insights, integrate raw data into your BI tools to get insights by store, product and more.

Use cases - Retail

Use Case - Retail

We help your teams to get the job done

Improve store shelf execution maximizing productivity to provide a consistent customer experience

Increase store sales with optimal replenishment and minimal out-of-stocks

Zippedi provides digital transformation driving replenishment staff productivity to maintain on-shelf- availability, price integrity and planogram compliance

Get shelf data to monitor execution of categories, promotions, price changes and supplier shelf share agreements.

Zippedi enables a collaboration to win with suppliers, and shelf execution data to facilitate analysis for mutual profitability

Use Case - CPG

We help your teams to get the job done

Grow revenue and market share, CPGs need to optimize in-store execution

Zippedi automates the shelf data collection and enables reps and in-store execution force with prioritized tasks

Ensure product availability, pricing and location compliance

Make available unbiased and syndicated data with actual shelf images from the shopper’s perspective

Improve execution of promotions ensuring the expecting pricing label execution

Use cases - CPG

Every Zippedi year

Our deep learning

Algorithms process over 30 billion cloud processed pictures

Our robots travel

More than 20 thousand miles and scan a total shelf surface the size of San Francisco

Millions stock alerts

More than 5 million out of stock alerts are worked out.

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0% missing price tags

Improve your customers experience

Improve OSA 6% - 10%

Stop losing sales

Grow your sales 2% - 5%

More availability is more sales

Make Data Driven Decisions

In the Press

Building our future together

Tracking features and POP material

End caps, pallets and bunkers

Micro location based decisions: Planograms – pricing – promotions

Crowed-sourced/syndicated replenishment