Zippedi makes in person shoppers happier because they get everything they came to the store to get, and online shoppers are happier also because everything they order is delivered without omissions or substitutions.
What we do?
We digitize brick and mortar retail stores, enabling digital handling of the 51 billion physical products on the shelves of the North American retail industry.
Zippediā€™s autonomous robot goes up and down every aisle in a retail store and looks at every product. It can look at tens of thousands of different products and hundreds of thousands of individual products every day. Zippedi makes sure that every product is in stock, in the right place, and correctly labeled.
Zippedi will be advancing its technology and solutions around streamlining processes that without store digitization are impossible to achieve.



1633 Baby Shore Hwy, 3rd floor, suite 355, Burlingame, California, 94010-1544, USA