Great technology for age-old retail business problems

Improve OSA
(On Shelf Availability)

6% – 10%

Improve your sales

2% – 5%

Ensure planogram

Ensure prices, offers and POP materials are correctly deployed

Zippedi workflow

Make data driven decisions

Digitize your shelves

• Digitize the whole store in a few hours

• Use our mobile app to manage the tasks across your teams and enhance collaboration between retailers and CPGs

• Get real-time notifications about OOS and shelf execution problems

• Create BI Insights, integrate raw data into your BI tools to get insights by store, product and more.

Use Case - Retail

• Improve store shelf execution maximizing productivity to provide a consistent customer experience.

• Increase store sales with optimal replenishment and minimal out-of-stocks.

• Zippedi provides digital transformation driving replenishment staff productivity to maintain on-shelf- availability, price integrity and planogram compliance.

• Get shelf data to monitor execution of categories, promotions, price changes and supplier shelf share agreements.

• Zippedi enables a collaboration to win with suppliers, and shelf execution data to facilitate analysis for mutual profitability.

Use Case - CPG

• We help your teams to get the job done Grow revenue and market share, CPGs need to optimize in-store execution.

• Zippedi automates the shelf data collection and enables reps and in-store execution force with prioritized tasks.

• Ensure product availability, pricing and location compliance.

• Make available unbiased and syndicated data with actual shelf images from the shopper’s perspective.

• Improve execution of promotions ensuring the expecting pricing label execution.


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