AI-Driven Retail at Zippedi

Our mission is to create the digital twin of the store to transform brick-and-mortar into a data-driven and frictionless operation, enabling CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow and profit. Our proven solutions have been used by CPGs and retailers to maximize their on-shelf availability, operational productivity and omnichannel sales.

Since 2017, Zippedi has leveraged its deep retail industry knowledge, cutting edge digital technology capabilities, and data expertise, to provide a sustained improvement in store operations, on-shelf availability rates and associated sales.

In addition, Zippedi cloud-based, AI-driven data transformation engine delivers real-time, actionable insights and knowledge, giving CPG companies and retailers a strong competitive advantage in the challenging retail environment. At Zippedi, we are dedicated to empowering customers to improve the last-mile execution and support a shift to intelligent.

Leadership team

Luis Vera

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ariel Schilkrut

Co-founder, President Strategy and Solutions Development

Alvaro Soto

Co-founder, Chief Scientist

Daniel Wurmann

Chief Operations Officer

Carlos Rodriguez

Vice President Of Business Development

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